We welcome public support in our campaign to achieve a fair contract with The Washington Post. However, we view President Trump’s tweet as an attack on us and our mission, and it is not helpful to our cause. Although we are pressing our case with our owner over workplace issues, we stand with Jeff Bezos and our fellow journalists in the fight to bring truth to light. 


Dear Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post:

We, the undersigned, have been extremely grateful that you stepped in to purchase the Post at a time when the traditional media model was collapsing, and we have given our all to take advantage of the long runway you promised. In the past year alone, the Post has doubled the number of digital subscriptions and increased its online traffic by more than half; its advertising team has met or exceeded all its targets.

All we are asking for is fairness for each and every employee who contributed to this company’s success: fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security.

• Offering $10 a week in pay increases – or about 0.6 percent of the median salary and less than half the current rate of inflation – is unfair and even shocking from someone who believes democracy dies in darkness.

• Refusing to improve retirement benefits is unfair, particularly since you froze the traditional pension. The current retirement plans, including a 1 percent match on our 401(k), suggest that you place little value in your employees’ future financial security.

• Pushing for the right to indiscriminately lay off anyone is unfair – and a recipe for future discrimination against older employees and minorities.

• Further cutting severance for people who face layoffs or whose job has been outsourced is unfair, particularly since management has already won the right to drastically cut severance for people who are let go for cause.

• Demanding that laid-off employees waive their legal rights to receive severance payments is an extreme demand and an ominous one – particularly in light of the Post’s mixed record on fair treatment for women, racial minorities and older employees.

The Post is not just any business venture. But even if it were – this would not be the way to show that you value your employees. 

Please show the world that you not only can lead the way in creating wealth, but that you also know how to share it with the people who helped you create it.  

Media and union membership inquiries: wapounion [at] gmail.com 

Signed by Washington Post employees: 

Melissa A. Abell, Account Executive

Ken Abrams, Desktop Publisher

Joel Achenbach, Staff Writer

Theresa Adegbesan, Accounting Specialist

Victor Aguilar, Senior Designer

Nadine Ajaka, Senior Video Producer

Monica Akhtar, Weekend Video Editor

Chris Alcantara, Graphics Reporter

Junne Alcantara, Snapchat Designer

Jason Aldag, Video Editor

Carmen Alianza-Javier, Account Executive

Scott Allen, Staff Writer

Keith L. Alexander, Staff Writer

Kevin Alston, Circulation Driver

Curt Anderson, Assignment Editor

Emily Anderson, Custom Content Writer

Nick Anderson, Staff Writer

Sachs Andrea, Staff Writer

Travis M. Andrews, Staff Writer

Sofia Anjuman Ali, Topic Editor

Karen Attiah, Editor Global Opinions

Ryan Bacic, Multiplatform Editor

Moriah Balingit, Staff Writer

Sandra Ballentine, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Barrios, Staff Writer

Kyle Barss, Technical Director

Marsha Bell, Account Executive

Anthony Benbow, Circulation Driver

Bruce Bennett, Account Manager

Dalton Bennett, Video Journalist

Mark Berman, Staff Writer

Leonard Bernstein, Staff Writer

Shawn Betiku, Accounting Specialist

Abha Bhattarai, Staff Writer

Michael Birnbaum, Brussels Bureau Chief

Kevin Boatwright, Circulation Driver

Lisa Bolton, Administrative Aide

Julie Bone, Multiplatform Editor

Jamie M. Bonini, Circulation Driver

Lisa Bonos, Staff Writer

Raymond Boyer, Tactical Account Manager

William R. Bray, Circulation Driver

Timmy Briggs, Circulation Driver

Gillian Brockell, Video Editor

Jacob Brogan, Assistant Editor

Kathleen Brooks, Designer

Garvin Brooms, Specialist

Kelly Brundidge, Circulation Driver

Bethonie Butler, Staff Writer

Chatisha Cadlett, Senior Accounting Specialist

Martha Cairnie, Account Manager

Tim Carman, Staff Writer

Amy Cavenaile, Designer

Ariana Cha, Staff Writer

Tim Cherry, Circulation Driver

Hau Chu, Editorial Aide

Nicole Chung, Editorial Aide

Leroy R. Clark, Circulation Driver

Georganne Coco, Multiplatform Editor

Ajara Coker, Senior Accounting Specialist

Rhonda Colvin, Video Planning Editor

Jessica Contrera, Staff Writer

Henrietta Cook, Account Executive

Tim Craig, Staff Writer

James A. Crudup Jr., Circulation Driver

KaDeana Davage, Account Executive

Chris Davenport, Staff Writer

Joe Davidson, Columnist

Kurt Davies, Business Intelligence Analyst

Robert Davis, Home Page Editor

Mike DeBonis, Staff Writer

Nia Decaille, Social Media Producer

David M. DeJesus, Account Manager

Nicki DeMarco, Video Editor

Nathaniel J. Dennis Jr., Account Manager

Caitlin Dewey, Staff Writer

Renee Dobson-Wright, Make-Up Person

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Staff Writer

James Downie, Digital Opinion Editor

Geoff Edgers, Staff Writer

Dara Elasfar, Editorial Aide

Kara Elder, News Aide

Laura Elsner, Designer

Marwa Eltagouri, Staff Writer

Armand Emamdjomeh, Graphics Reporter

Christine Emba, Columnist

Kayla Epstein, Assistant Editor

Amanda Erickson, Staff Writer

Amir Keyvan Etemadi, Accounting Specialist

Ranson Evely, Circulation Driver

April Everson, Accounting Specialist

Darryl Fears, Staff Writer

Colis Ferguson, Home Page Editor

Nina Fomufod, Senior Production Coordinator

Wanda Frazer, Account Manager

Paul Freedman, Multiplatform Editor

Macy L. Freeman, Producer

Angela Fritz, Staff Writer

Brian Fung, Staff Writer

Robert Gebelhoff, Assistant Editor

Jon Gerberg, Video Journalist

Nicole Giddens, Account Executive

Jack Gillum, Staff Writer

Robin Givhan, Staff Writer

Annie Gowen, Staff Writer

Tom Graham, Multiplatform Editor

Gregory Green, Circulation Driver

Keith E. Green, Circulation Driver

Michael Greenberg, Copy Writer

Tyesha Greenwood, Senior Accounting Specialist

Aaron Gregg, News Aide

Joan Greve, Research Assistant

Ben Guarino, Staff Writer

Iris Guevara, Assignment Coordinator

Gaye Gunes, Foreign Desk Administrator

Emily Guskin, Survey Analyst

Bruce G. Guthrie, Multiplatform Editor

Julio Gutierrez, Circulation Driver

Shirley Hairston, Accounting Specialist

Robert Craig Hall Sr., Circulation Driver

Keith T. Hall, Circulation Driver

Tom Hamburger, Staff Writer

Vicki Harrington, Yield Manager

Nicole Harris, Senior Accounting Specialist

Elizabeth Hart, Designer

Ali Hattamer, Client Service Manager

Rachel Hatzipanagos, Multiplatform Editor

Dana Hedgpeth, Staff Writer

Emily A. Heil, Staff Writer

Joe Heim, Staff Writer

Karen Heller, Staff Writer

Wendy Henderson, Artist

Peter Hermann, Staff Writer

Arelis Hernandez, Staff Writer

Retha Herring, Accounting Specialist

Monica Hesse, Staff Writer

Sheldon Higginbotham, Account Manager

Mark Higgins, Desktop Publisher

Scott Higham, Staff Writer

Sophie Ho, Operations Editor

Eric Hobeck, News Aide

Peter Holley, Staff Writer

Deborah Y. Howard, Account Executive

Patricia Howard, Multiplatform Editor

Spencer Hsu, Staff Writer

Carroll Hubbard, Circulation Driver

Christopher Ingraham, Staff Writer

Tom Jackman, Staff Writer

Pia Jacobs, Business Analyst

Lynn M. Jefferson, Account Executive

Hannah Jewell, Host/Editor

Cannie Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Johnson, Staff Writer

Jennifer Johnson, Accounting Specialist

Lady Johnson, Senior Accounting Specialist

Paul Johnson, Circulation Driver

Thomas Johnson, Audience Editor

Maya Jones, Accounting Specialist

Ron Jones, Multiplatform Editor

Ashleigh Joplin, Video Reporter

Dave Jorgenson, Video Journalist

Justin Jouvenal, Staff Writer

Maura Judkis, Staff Writer

Davage KaDeana, Account Executive

Kimberly Kady, Artist

Caroline Kaltenborn, Client Service Manager

Paul Kane, Staff Writer

Chris Kankel, Lead Developer

Sarah Kaplan, Staff Writer

Antony Karoki, Circulation Driver

Maya Kashyap, Program Manager

Christine Keaney-Saxton, Cashier/Accounting Specialist

Daniel Keating, Graphics Editor

John Kelly, Columnist

Kimbriell Kelly, Staff Writer

Philip Kennicott, Senior Art and Architecture Critic

Isabelle Khurshudyan, Staff Writer

Hyojin Kim, Creative Design Manager

Kimberly Kindy, Staff Writer

Richard Kirkpatrick, Circulation Driver

Alison Klein, Staff Writer

Joyce Koh, Digital Video Editor

Becky Krystal, Staff Writer

Shefali Kulkarni, Operations Editor

Danielle Kunitz, Video Graphics Editor

Darrell Kyle, Circulation Driver

Kathy Lally, Assistant Editor

May-Ying Lam, Photo Editor

Marissa Lang, Staff Writer

David Larimer, Assignment Editor

Sarah Larimer, Staff Writer

Mike Laris, Staff Writer

Luz Lazo, Staff Writer

Anthony Le, Artist

Eugene Leach, Circulation Driver

Whitney Leaming, Video Reporter

Joanne Lee, Designer

Joyce Lee, Foreign Video Editor

Katherine Lee, Designer

Alexandra Lemley, Client Service Manager

Joshua Levy, Video Reporter

Alice Li, Video Reporter

Mary Liekweg, Multiplatform Editor

Aviva Loeb, Designer

Heather Long, Staff Writer

Shanna Lowe, Senior Accounting Specialist

Wesley Lowery, Staff Writer

Yonathan Maalo, Long-Term Agency Temp, Engineering

Josh Mackesy, Desktop Publisher

Osman Malik, Creative Director

Rachel Manteuffel, Editorial Aide

Sarah Mark, Multiplatform Editor

Patrick Martin, Digital Video Editor

Samuel Martin, Assistant Systems Editor

Everdeen Mason, Assignment Editor

Ross May, Designer

Terence McArdle, News Aide

Denny McAuliffe, Multiplatform Editor

Brian McCardle, Multiplatform Editor

Ellen McCarthy, Staff Writer

Franklin McClary, Circulation Driver

Elizabeth McConville, Client Service Manager

Brian McCraw, Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Liz McGehee, Multiplatform Editor

Keith McMillan, Assignment Editor

Laurie McGinley, Staff Writer

Tierra McKnight, Account Executive - Team Lead

Alexa McMahon, Digital Editor

Elise McNall, Digital Advertising Operations Coordinator

Solomon Mehari, Circulation Driver

Tim Meko, Deputy Graphics Director

Ruby Mellen, Research Assistant

Ted Mellnik, Graphics Editor

Jesse Mesner-Hage, Commissioning Editor

Katie Mettler, Staff Writer

Anne Midgette, Classical Music Critic

Michael Minichini, Assignment Coordinator

Shalea Minnis, Accounting Specialist

Luis F. Miranda, Circulation Driver

Robert Mitchell, Multiplatform Editor

David Montgomery, Staff Writer

Chris Mooney, Staff Writer

Joe Moore, Designer

Loveday Morris, Staff Writer

Justin Moyer, Staff Writer

Breanna Muir, Video Technician

Dionne Mullins, Account Executive

Brian Murphy, Staff Writer

Mary Jo Murphy, Assistant Editor

Zoeanne Murphy, Video Reporter

Anne Murtha, Client Service Manager

Ellen Nakashima, Staff Writer

Sarah Nelson, Senior Program Coordinator

Kate Newman, Custom Content Strategist

Ashley Nguyen, Multiplatform Editor

Lime Nguyen, Vendor

Fenit Nirappil, Staff Writer

Minza Nkonya, Accounting Specialist

Jonathan O'Connell, Staff Writer

Erin O'Connor, Intersect Video Editor

Michael O'Sullivan, Staff Writer

Lonzell Offutt, Manager

Antonio Olivo, Staff Writer

Dennis F. Olney, Account Manager

Lynn Olson, Assistant Editor

Jayne Orenstein, Immersive Editor

Amy Orndorff, Multiplatform Editor

Rachel Orr, Lead Designer

T.J. Ortenzi, Operations Editor

Brittany Pableo, Developer

Eddy Palanzo, Librarian

Damian Paletta, Staff Writer

Gary Palmatier, Artist

Alexandra Pannoni, Multiplatform Editor

Danielle Paquette, Staff Writer

Gene Park, Engagement Producer

Ashley Parker, Staff Writer

Joe Parker, Account Executive

Sarah Parnass, Foreign Video Editor

Gayle Pegg, Account Manager

Amber Phillips, Staff Writer

Larry Pickeral, Desktop Publisher

Aaron Pinchback, Production Coordinator

Sarah Polus, Editorial Aide

Donald Seiss Polyer, Administrative Aide

Jenna Portnoy, Staff Writer

Martine Powers, Staff Writer

Carlethia Pratt, Account Executive

Hector Quintero, Circulation Driver

Sudarsan Raghavan, Staff Writer

Lavanya Ramanathan, Staff Writer

Grace Raver, Digital Video Editor

Leilah Reese, News Aide

Lisa Rein, Staff Writer

Beth Reinhard, Staff Writer

Jorge Ribas, Video Reporter

Meghan Rice, Senior Accounting Specialist

Steven Rich, Staff Writer

Jamie Richardson, Senior Production Coordinator

Stephen Richardson, Specialist

Anthony Rivera, Multiplatform Editor

Molly Roberts, Editorial Writer

Roxanne Roberts, Staff Writer

Jenny Rogers, Assistant Editor

John Romero, Multiplatform Editor

Mark E. Rougeux, Circulation Driver

Mike Ruane, Staff Writer

Ben Rubenstein, Senior Designer

Kathleen Rudell-Brooks, Designer

Andrea Sachs, Staff Writer

Jason Samuel, Tactical Account Manager

Elyse Samuels, Video Editor

Ricardo Sanchez, Engagement Producer

David Sanders, Senior Business Process Analyst

Lauren Sansalone, Associate Client Services Manager

Kevin Schaul, Senior Graphics Editor

Michael Scherer, Staff Writer

Heather Schmelzlen, Social Media Specialist

Samantha Schmidt, Staff Writer

Matthew Schnabel, Multiplatform Editor

Gregory S. Schneider, Staff Writer

Matt Schudel, Staff Writer

Jenna Schwartz, Copy Aide

Jake Scobey-Thal, Custom Content Editor

Justin Scuiletti, Video Technician

Molly Seligman, Production Coordinator

Frances Sellers, Staff Writer

Hamza Shaban, Staff Writer

Shibani Shah, Topic Editor

Ian Shapira, Staff Writer

Leslie Shapiro, Graphics Reporter

Katherine Shaver, Staff Writer

Whitney Shefte, Video Reporter

Tanya Sichynsky, Producer

Faiz Siddiqui, Staff Writer

Rachel Siegel, Staff Writer

Tom Sietsema, Columnist

Michelle Sinclair, Account Executive

Michelle Singletary, Columnist

Liz Sly, Staff Writer

Harrison Smith, Staff Writer

Jonathan Smith, Home Delivery Agent

William Smith, Circulation Driver

Hoo Winyan Soo, Editorial Aide

Donna St. George, Staff Writer

Jenny Starrs, Video Editor

Jeffrey Stein, Staff Writer

Perry Stein, Staff Writer

Daniel Steinberg, Assignment Editor

Savannah Stephens, Editorial Aide

Valerie Strauss, Staff Writer

Joseph Strong, Circulation Driver

Hank Stuever, Columnist

Maya Sugarman, Video Editor

Patricia Sullivan, Staff Writer

Lena H. Sun, Staff Writer

Barry Svrluga, Columnist

Scott Taber, Account Manager

Adela Taulla, Marketing Solutions Manager

Ben Terris, Staff Writer

Darnell Thomas, Circulation Driver

Vera Thornton, Assignment Coordinator

Paul D. Tomlin, Circulation Driver

Alli Torzolini, Client Service Manager

Michael Tsapos, Accounting Specialist

Hayley Tsukayama, Staff Writer

Taylor Turner, Digital Video Editor

Kevin Uhrmacher, Graphics Editor

Adriana Usero, Digital Video Editor

Andrew Van Dam, Staff Writer

Terro Veun, Designer

Elise Viebeck, Staff Writer

Julie Vitkovskaya, Project Editor

Kim Walker, Home Page Producer

Josh Wallace, Business Intelligence Analyst

Jesse Walston, Circulation Driver

William Wan, Staff Writer

Amy Wang, Staff Writer

Jay-min Wang, Multiplatform Editor

Cecelia Watkins, Senior Accounting Specialist

David Weigel, Staff Writer

Leona T. Weiner, Artist

Erica Werner, Staff Writer

Gilbert White, Circulation Driver

John M. White, Editorial Aide

Peter Whoriskey, Staff Writer

Robin T. Wilkerson, Account Executive

Aaron Williams, Graphics Reporter

Clarence Williams, Staff Writer

Monica D. Williams, Phone Operator

Griff Witte, Staff Writer

Bill Wolle, Multiplatform Editor

Jason Wong, Designer

Eric Wood, Account Executive

Dan Zak, Staff Writer

Matt Zapotosky, Staff Writer

Julie Zauzmer, Staff Writer

Dejen Zeleke, Senior Financial Accountant